Paper Roses Art project

"Roses Without Thorns" is more than just a craft business; it's a heartfelt journey of giving back and creating art with purpose. Founded by Link, this collection represents his volunteer works since 2005, where each creation was designed to spread joy and support various charity foundations and organizations.

From the very beginning, "Roses Without Thorns" captured attention when Link was interviewed on A-Channel with the Canadian flag on Canada Day in 2005. His dedication continued with astonishing projects like "The Great Pumpkin," a Halloween gift for CHEO-Children Hospital Eastern Ontario, and "The Book," presented to Alta Vista Library on its 30th Anniversary.

In a beautiful act of tribute, "Holy Shamrock" with 2500 paper roses was gifted to Link's high school. Link's passion for his country shone through in "Canada Loves Hockey," featuring 2000 paper roses for Canada Day 2006. On Rememberance Day, the veterans received heartfelt recognition through the meticulously crafted "3D Poppy" designs, including one with 5000 paper roses and another with 1000 paper roses for the Canadian veterans in Orleans.

Embracing a cause dear to his heart, Link created "3D Pink Ribbon" with 5000 paper roses for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in October 2009. His talents extended even to his alma mater, Algonquin College, where the "Logo of Florist Program" was brought to life with 1200 paper roses.

Link's artistry transcends the boundaries between reality and illusion, as his paper roses appear remarkably lifelike. Each creation tells a unique story of love, dedication, and a desire to make a positive impact in the world.

As you explore the enchanting world of "Roses Without Thorns," you'll witness the passion behind every design, the care poured into each project, and the meaningful contributions to various causes. "Roses Without Thorns" is a brand with a purpose, connecting art, community, and heartfelt generosity, one paper rose at a time.

"Roses Without Thorns" is a collection of Link's volunteer works since 2005 for charity foundations and organizations

Live Interview on A-Channel with the Flag on Canada Day 2005

The Great Pumpkin with 4000 paper roses. A Halloween present for CHEO- Children Hospital Eastern Ontario (October 2005)

The Book with 1300 paper roses. A gift for Alta Vista Library on its 30th Anniversary (June 2006)

With the staff of Alta Vista library

Holy Shamrock with 2500 paper roses for my high school (March 2006)

Canada Loves Hockey with 2000 paper roses for Canada Day 2006

3D Poppy with 5000 paper roses. A gift for the veterans on Rememberance Day 2006

3D Poppy with 1000 paper roses. A gift for the Canadian veterans in Orleans on Rememberance Day 2008

3D Pink Ribbon with 5000 paper roses. A gift for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (October 2009)

Logo of Florist Program in Algonquin College with 1200 paper roses (June 2008)

Do they look like real roses?


Paper Roses Art project
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